Free iCloud Unlock service for all iPhone models

If you own an iPhone, you are probably familiar with the issue of iCloud Unlock tool, and now you should know that there is simple solution for this problem. The solution for you can be found online and it is called Unlock iCLoud Activation lock. This software tool can help you to easily Unlock the iCloud lock on your iPhone and to use your phone again without any restrictions. This tool works for all models of iPhones, including the latest versions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ with the latest IOS 8.3 version.

The iCloud Unlock lock tool is legal and verified, so you should not doubt to download it. Moreover, it can be downloaded from the links provided below completely for free. There is nothing you can worry about this tool because it is safe, no personal info should be provided and it doesn’t contain any viruses.

iCloud Unlock

Which models of iPhone are compatible with this tool?

Not only all iPhone models are supported by this tool, but also some other Apple devices are also supported by this tool, such as:

  1. iPhone 6, 6+,5 , 5C, 5S, 4 , 4S, 3
  2. Apple iPod touch , iPod touch mini
  3. Apple iPad

The Unlock Activation iCloud lock tool also works for all IOS versions, including IOS 8.3. The tool is upgraded an improved continually.

How to use iCloud Unlock Activation lock tool

iCloud Unlocker

You should not worry about the way you should use this tool, because everything is explained in detail. Here are provided the instructions:

  • Download the tool only from the links available on our website
  • Install it on your PC
  • Connect the device with the PC where you installed the tool
  • Choose the model of iPhone
  • Start the initialization process
  • Wait while the tool finishes the process and reboots your phone.
  • Then just Restore it and Update it via iTunes

As you see, the way of using the iCloud Unlock Activation lock tool is simpler than you imagined. And moreover, it doesn’t cost you anything. So, why to risk trying other software services, when here is secure and verified tool ready to be used. Save your time and your money. Visit our website and download the Unlock ICloud Lock tool for free. Share your experience with us and feel free to recommend it to your friends.

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    1. Only is need to goo on the official iCloud Unlock page and here you have full instructions how to unlock your locked iPhone.

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